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Nov 19, 2021 – One year Anniversary – I am a Published Author!

Repository of publication notes:

Thank you Chelsea DiCicco for reviewing my book!!!

“Hooray for @rainbowmosho my sweet friend, and her incredible mama Yadira V. Calderon on the newest book “Balloons.” I was so excited to get my copy in the mail today! ♥️For those of you who may not know Rainbow Mosho, I can say with full honesty, you are missing out on a special treat. Rainbow is a gifted and kind young lady who holds onto many different “balloons” and talents. She is an artist, an author, an influencer, and an autism advocate and positive neurodiverse role model for any tween or teen to look to.

About the story: Balloons is a unique telling of OCD, friendship, and accepting other differences. Throughout the story, balloons are used to express a persons personality, quirk, or interest. Everyone has one. It goes with you wherever you go. Renee is a little different though. Instead of one balloon, she has many.What a beautiful message about respecting others differences! And, I think it was wonderful to see how the friends were able to overcome their disagreements. Nobody is perfect, and sometimes in a spirit of good intention, we all can “push too hard” on ones that we love. This was such a great story about compassion and understanding. Five stars for Rainbow. You are awesome!”

Thank you Murfreesboro Pulse


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