Be marveled at this beauty! Meet Sapphire Curiosity. She’s one of the Flower Girls created by @Varvara Alay. Yes, an incredible artist has produced a unique and meaningful NFT project. I am beyond fortunate to own one – it was gifted. Why? Well Varvara supports kid artists in so many ways. She has allocated so far 130 eth = $340,805 to charity and a children’s art fund – WHATTTT… Correct! She represents the future of business!
Social Enterprise has a new meaning!

NFT Kids Calendar 2022 – First of its kind, historical. The art of 34 NFT Kid artists was included.

My creation Beautiful Diversity can be found too!

RAINBOW OF EMOTIONS COLLECTION – click the link – Go to OpenSea and collect unique art
I had an incredible interview with ZENAPENFT – So fun – sharing my realities and dreams as an artist and author on the autism spectrum.

I am new to this world of NFT’s. There is so much to learn. My mom is helping immensely trying to learn at 54 years old and then sharing the information with me in a way that my brain can process it.

What are NFT’s? Most websites share this:

“NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) are digital forms of actual valuables. Over the last few years, NFTs have considerably grown in popularity. Besides a countless number of artists, lots of companies enter the realm of NFT. These digital assets are already being referred to as ‘’the art of the future’’.”

Yes, I can create art no problem. Processing words and art it is not always so simple. For example, concepts have to be repeated several times, or I may need to watch some videos. It is obvious that I function with images and it is my comfort zone.

The NFT world is the future so they say. I have great products. I have a following. I want to be a part of the future in its many forms.

Find my art on OPENSEA – Rainbow Mosho Account. ** as well as my Publishing Power account.

Check out my 3D Gallery.

Great merchandise on REDBUBBLE.

Yes, let others know about my creations. This is just the beginning!

Nov. 20, 2021 – My Thor is a Horse collection is creating a buzz. I had a giveaway on #reddit. Its new owners jumped on the bandwagon and set sell prices of .85 and 1ETH!

I am honored. Surprised. Let’s see what will happen! #nft #NFTGiveaway #nftcollectors #nftart #NFTartists

15% of Profit made – from highest bidder – will be donated to Fundacion Carrusel in Puerto Rico (horse therapy farm and source of inspiration for this drawing).

  • You want more details? Check out for real NFT for artists information.